Weekly Services

Weekly Service (Mon., Tues., Wed.)              $70.00
If using CCP's Chemicals with additional
charges on an as needed basi
(chemical's not included)

Weekly Service (Thurs., Fri )                        $75.00
(chemical's not included)

Bi-Monthly Service                                       $85.00
Service every other week
(chemical's not included)

Exclusive Weekly Service                              $99.00
(chemicals included restrictions apply See below)

Crystal Elite Weekly Service                         $130.00
(Includes 2 visits per week and chemical's restrictions apply See below)
Advantages of the Crystal Elite program will assist in the prevention of algae during your
swimming season

***Please call for estimates on specialty services such as Heater installation, Acid Washes,
Relocation of equipment, etc:***

Service Rate per hour                                  $100.00

* Restrictions for inclusive weekly services:

Exclusive Weekly Service and Crystal Elite Weekly Service: chemicals are
limited too: 4 lbs Shock, 4 Chlorine Tabs, 8lbs. Filter Powder, 4lbs PH plus &
or PH minus (Service DOES NOT include Algaeside or Stain Inhibitors.

**All rates above are charges per week.

** Fuel Surcharge may apply each week
All weekly service programs consist of cleaning pump basket, skimmer baskets,
water testing, chemical application, vacuum, backwash filter (as needed), inspection
of pool equipment each week.  If technician determines a problem with the
equipment, a work order will be initiated and the customer will be called for
approval to repair.
Monday - Saturday
Licence# 13VH02128600